Thelma & Louise & Non-Feminism
Thelma & Louise (1991) dir. Ridley Scott

Two critics summed up my feelings on Thelma & Louise better than I can.

Margaret Carlson, "Is This What Feminism Is All About?" TIME, Jun 24, 1991.

Yet for all the pleasure the film gives women moviegoers who want to see the worst of the opposite sex get what's coming to them, it can hardly be called a woman's movie or one with a feminist sensibility.

They are also free to behave like -- well, men. For all the talk that Thelma & Louise is the first major female buddy movie, it is more like a male buddy movie with two women plunked down in the starring roles.

Thelma and Louise act out a male fantasy of life on the road, avoiding intimacy with loud music, Wild Turkey, fast driving -- and a gun in the pants.

Jim Emerson, The Screening Room

And a truck driver who makes lewd remarks to Thelma and Louise is portrayed as such a grotesquely ridiculous cretin that he fails to represent any serious threat to them...  This is the equivalent of Alan Parker's racist Mississippi Burning, which posits that all racists are easily identifiable by their hideous physical malformations, when in fact racism and sexism are insidious because they manifest themselves in thousands of inconspicuous ways, not because the people who perpetuate them are just plain ugly, inside and out.

Thelma & Louise is #399 on the Top 1000 Films list I’m working on.  I’ve now seen 362.